Community Demolition Program

The Community Demolition Program was created by the Land Bank after the conclusion of the Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Program. This ongoing effort is to continue assisting Lake County Communities with the removal of abandoned or blighted residential/commercial structures. The Land Bank has spent $80,679.90 in its efforts to help Lake County Communities with the removal of 6 condemned residential structures.

Each year, the Land Bank Contacts area officials and requests a list of properties the community has identified for purposes of nuisance abatement demolitions. It is the responsibility of the individual community’s to condemn a given property and serve appropriate notice to the owners and all interested parties of the condemnation along with the underlying zoning violations.

After legal steps have been taken to ensure the owner’s property rights have been protected, the municipality’s council or township trustees pass a resolution enlisting the aid of the Land Bank for the building’s demolition.

Once the Land Bank receives this resolution, asbestos assessments are ordered to ascertain what if any asbestos needs abating.  Cost estimates for any abatement and subsequent demolitions are then prepared and competitive bids are sought from approved contractors for the work to be performed.

Once a contract has been awarded and after all work has been completed and paid for, Ohio Law provides that the Land Bank, acting as an agent for the municipality or the township pursuant to an agreement with the Land Bank, can certify the incurred expenses of the demolition or nuisance abatement to the County Auditor for placement on the tax duplicate as nuisance abatement assessment.

When the property’s taxes are paid, the Land Bank is reimbursed for its expenses and these funds can then be used in addition to other funding sources for future demolitions or development activities.

Select a address from below to view Community Demolition Program properties

Demolitions completed can be seen by selecting an address from below.

Demolitions in progress:

  • 1517 Glenview Rd Madison Township

Demolitions completed 2016-2017:

  • 512 Fairlawn Ave Painesville City
  • 364 W Jackson St Painesville City
  • 390 E 332nd St Eastlake City
  • 5599 Hickory Ln Mentor-on-the-Lake City
  • 1738 E 298th St Wickliffe City
  • 36252 N Riverview Dr Eastlake
  • 683 E Main St Madison Village

Properties identified for demolition

  • 3669 Main St Perry Village
  • Center St Perry Village
  • 4442 Baldwin Rd Perry Twp
  • 222 Casement Ave Painesville Twp
  • 529 Fairport Nursery Rd Painesville Twp
  • 330 E Main St Painesville City
  • 32 Frederic St, Painesville City
  • 639 Argonne Ave Painesville City
  • 283 W Jackson St Painesville City
  • 31610 Orchard Dr Willowick City
  • 30417 Lake Shore Blvd Willowick City
  • 523 Campers St Eastlake City