(Completed 2014)

Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Program

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Program formally concluded at the end of 2014. Lake County’s Land Bank completed its work in the following spring. Complete information regarding this program is outlined in the link on this page providing the Attorney General’s Summary report. There is also a brief explanation of this program presented under our Funding found in the “Financials” section of this website.

Total expenditures for this program amounted to $1,183,291.68. The Land Bank’s share or $370,860.68 was leveraged to obtain $$812,431.00 from the Attorney General. A total of 64 condemned residential structures were demolished by the Land Bank at no expense to Lake County communities. Another twelve vacant structures were resolved without further intervention by the Land Bank including six houses to be demolished by the property’s owners, five properties being repaired, and one structure used by a fire department for live-fire training purposes.

The Lake County Land Reutilization Corporation is most appreciative of the help provided by the Attorney General’s Office and the implementation of Mike DeWine’s program. Members of his staff were overwhelmingly responsive, providing assistance and direction whenever necessary. Most local communities did not then, nor have now, the resources available for discretionary nuisance abatements. Indeed, without the help of the Attorney General’s Moving Ohio Forward program offered to Ohio’s Land Banks, most of the houses razed would likely have remained vacant, in a state of disrepair and adversely affecting neighborhood property values.

The breakdown of demolition expenditures by community is as follows:

Madison Twp. $ 105,618.28
Perry Twp. $  45,329.50
Perry Village $    16,314.35
Eastlake $ 209,542.67
Fairport Harbor $   35,701.00
City of Kirtland $   45,421.80
Leroy Twp. $   29,750.89
Mentor $    56,271.55
Mentor-on-the-Lake $   72,480.55
Painesville $ 302,601.19
Painesville Twp. $    77,576.71
Wickliffe $   44,152.50
Willoughby $   42,355.88
Willoughby Hills $   69,656.09
Willowick $     8,973.80